The RAF Seletar Society Constitution


The Society will be called The RAF Seletar Society (RAFSS) - Hitherto referred to as ‘The Society’.


a) Gather and maintain records of historical information related to RAF Seletar.

b) Make this information to available to the General Pubic on the Website.

c) Maintain a register of those who were fortunate to have been associated with RAF Seletar, Singapore with the aim to reunite old friends and acquaintances from that era.


a) Membership of the society is open to any individual who have had any connection with RAF Seletar up to it's closure in 1971.

b) Membership is subscription free.

C) Membership may be withdrawn from members whose activities are considered prejudicial to the Society.

A Suspended member has the right to appeal.

Management of the society

a) The Society will be administered by the Manager of the website (The Administrator).

b) Deputy Administrator, who would be willing to take on the task if of the administrator if for any reason he is unable to continue,


The running of the society should incur little or no financial requirement.

If, however, a requirement occurs it is hoped that this will be met by donations.

There is, therefore, no requirement for a treasurer or accounts which would be audit-able.

Data Protection & Privacy

Every effort will be made to protect members personal information. Members personal details will only be passed to other members with thier consent. Members will have the option to have their name and details regarding their time at Seletar on the website.

Changes to the Constitution

Members will be consulted regarding any change to the Constitution. If 50% or more of the members object the change will not be made.


Society will be dissolved if:

a) The membership drops to a low level which would make it impractical to continue.

b) The Administrator is unable to continue for any reason and there is nobody willing to take over.